Knockout Abs Workout Equipment

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Knockout Abs


Crunch & Punch your way to lean, six pack ABS and toned shape that you've always wanted! In just a few minutes each day, Knock Out ABS can give you the results you've dreamed of! Easy and fun to use, you'll feel and see the results almost instantly!
The Knock Out ABS exerciser can give you the results of a professional boxing gym in your own home as it uses the established techniques to maintain a strong and powerful core. This type of exercise is known as the three c's and Knock Out ABS does them all - continuous, core, cardio! Regular sit-ups can sometimes put a strain on your lower back and neck and quite often it can be difficult to have good form without help. But with Knock Out ABS the fully adjustable, padded crossbar and cushioned seat firmly support your knees to help you achieve perfect sit-up everytime!